Striker - Free Verse

I Never Knew

I never knew how much I hurt,
the one who rescued me from despair;
Her beauty shone so bright for me,
I thought our time would never end.

Careless was I to hurt one so rare,
I never realised I crushed her love;
made it so hard for my loved one to know,
How much I loved her and always will..

Friendship has broken out where hurt was before,
I hope I can give myself in friendship for life.
Her beauty pervades my dreams, it hurts to awake,
to leave her behind is so hard, even from dreams.

Sunny days and warmish nights,
Weather in harmony with nature
As we move towards our winter;
Evening chorus expected!

Early morn is here
our choir is warming up
Nature at it's best
as the birds make music
and the sun peeps over the range,
We have so much to be thankful for.

Candy floss clouds
lit by a silvery moon
Mountains in the sky
Stars peeping through lace curtains
Tree giants reaching to heaven
Bells gently tinkling in the breeze
fairy fingers running up and down a keyboard
music for the gods and we

Can we touch the sky or feel the light from a nearby star?
do these things that mean so much
or are they part of
something outside our knowledge
that we know nothing about?
Decorations on the roof of our existence

I know I loved you
  I know I loved you
On the ‘net
And I loved you
On the jet
Then I loved you
When you came
Even though
I played some games
Then I loved you
As you left
  Now I love You all the more

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